Monday, August 8, 2016

Whose Report Will You Believe?

Words are powerful and what you believe effects your life. I realized that I often mediated on the bad reports about myself. When I  was a child was labeled with negative labels. I accepted those labels as the truth and I  allowed it to shape me into something I was not!

I am an introvert but I was labeled timid by family, strangers, church, teachers, and peers. You may think timid is not a bad word. But being called timid is a polite way of saying that someone is scared or afraid. When I was a child I was fearless and confident. But as the years went on I allowed adults and my peers to call be timid. I accepted their so called prophecy and became a timid individual who suffered from  anxiety. I was often bullied and labeled other mean things by my classmates because they knew I was too afraid to do anything. I ended up being a person I really did not recognize or care to know.

When I was older and in high school my peers decided to take it further than just verbally calling me terrified into make a title in writing. I was voted as most timid for the yearbook. I was also voted most likely to succeed.

A lot of people would take that as a compliment about being voted in two categories.  That first nomination really irked me. So I finally decided not too accept a bad report even if it came from people who knew me since kindergarten.  My mom  encouraged me to turn down this nomination  upon hearing about it. She pushed me even further to not accept such a terrible label and to finally stand up for myself. She told me to look the word timid up in the dictionary to see if I really was what they called me. I found that timid means lacking confidence, courage, and bravery. She then looked me straight in the eye and said," is this a name you want to be called or labeled!" I said with boldness " no!"

So I went to the yearbook staff and told them I did not to be labeled as fearful. But I am fine with accepting the other nomination of being successful. They were shocked and offended that I did not accept their concept of me. Later on I found out that some other student did not accept a label because it did not line up with how he viewed himself. So our actions made the yearbook staff, teachers, and the class of 2006 angry but I really did not care!

It may sound brash that I do not care what pessimistic labels people put on me or my life. I refuse to allow people  negative reports ruin my life especially when God promised to deliver me. God promised to deliver the Israels from their enemy and to take them into the Promised Land. But when Moses sent out a dozen men to survey the land he mostly received a negative report. He was told the land was not good and that people who inhabited were giants. Joshua however brought a good report. But know one really believed him except Caleb. So did ended up wondering around the desert for many more years. The children of Israel allowed them to miss out their blessing all because they believed the wrong report! (Numbers 13,Joshua 14) Only two men were able to see the Promised Land.

Yes I may be too bold for saying that but are you going to allow people to call you out of your name? Are you going allow them to fill your head with trash and lies? Or are you going to be what God says about you! God cannot lie for in Psalms 119: 160 says all of  His word is truth! God's words are life giving and will not let you down. So whose report will you accept?

So when people call you timid accept the report that says God has not given us a spirit of fear but of love, and of power, and of a sound mind. If a person tells you will never be successful believe in Proverbs 2:7. If you get the report that you can never be well mediate on Isaiah 53:5.When some says you will never have needs met tell your self that
"God will supply all of my needs according to His riches in glory! "

If you think that it is too hard to change the report that has been replaced on you let me tell you about people so people in the Bible. Sarah was told she will never have kids but went on to have a son. Jacob was a trickster  but ended up being named Strives with God. David was a small Shepard boy who became a king. Joseph was a slave but became a leader in the kingdom. Rahab was a woman of ill repute but ended being a ancestor of Jesus Christ.

So I you going to believe the bad report on your life and accept it as your destiny. Or are you going to believe God's new report and allowing him to direct your life? Which are you going to believe today?

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  1. Wow!! Awesome post especially standing up to the year book staff it takes a lot of courage to do that so you actually changed the label with that singular action.. God's report about me is all u believe in. I share this with my youths in church everytime. Ditch the negative labels!!! I love your post..

    1. Thanks! I am so glad that God gave me the courage to stand up to them especially to the teacher that was over the year book staff. It created an huge impact on me over the years to know that God can give me the courage to stand up for what is right. You have to believe in God's report because His is the only one that matters. Sound like you are teaching the youth at the church the right thing to do. Thanks so much for stopping by!


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