Friday, September 16, 2016

Fall Goals

Fall is my favorite season because I love the temperature, the clothing, the food, and the activities. This upcoming season is also my busiest season. From fun activities to work I have a lot of goals I would like to accomplish these next three months. So In order to have some motivation and maybe encourage someone else to do the same I decided to publish my goals. This why it makes it easier for me to accomplish them knowing that others know about it and that I can visual see what I have done so far. 

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Even though September is almost over I still have some things I would like to accomplish. Cleaning is one the top of my list but  some of my activities  are more entertaining.   

  • Start walking outdoors and enjoying the weather. 
  • Buying fall fragrances and beauty products 

October Goals 

In October I am looking forward to the temperature finally feeling like fall. When the temperatures cool I finally get to use all of those cozy sweaters and stylish coats.  The cooling temperatures also put in the mood to cook more! So I looking forward to eating some comfort food. I also plan on catching up on some reading. 

  • Finally wear my favorite coats and sweaters 
  • Take advantage of the Columbus Day Sale and finally by some Christmas presents. 
  • Try some fall recipes: like soups and any pumpkin desserts
  • Going to a fair or festival. 
  • Celebrate Fall Fest  by watching  great fall movies and shows. And celebrate with fall treats! 
  • Fall Fest
    Items that I plan on having in October!

  • Having a fall picnic

I'm Thankful for...

  • Cleaning the kitchen of clutter.
  • Buying supplies and ingredients for Thanksgiving and any other celebration.
  • Drinking coco 
  • Celebrating my dad's birthday.
  • Cooking for Thanksgiving 
  • Continue to buy more Christmas gifts and wrapping paper/ bags during Black Friday and other sale
  • Celebrating my birthday 
  • Decorating for Christmas 
  • Cleaning for Christmas Holidays 

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What things do you plan to do this fall? 


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