Friday, September 30, 2016

How to Dress for Fall in Warm Weather

How to Dress for Fall in Warm Weather

Even though it is fall it really does not feel like it yet in North Carolina. That is why you won't see me with a scarf, hat, boots, and jacket  just yet. It really would feel strange to me wearing all of those clothes if it is still warm. There are a few tips I keep in mind when it comes for dressing like fall in warm weather.

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Fall Colors 
Like Pantones Fall Color, Jewel Tones, or of course neutrals like tan.

Play it up with some fall accessories. 

You can still wear a few fall accessories like boots or a hat. But don't go to overboard because you don't want to be passing out from over dressing!

Still in Summer

Wear some of your favorite summer items like a maxi dress or even a pleated skirt.

Pattern and Print  Play 

Wear some fall patterns like plaid or fall prints like animal print. This would make your look very fall like.

Light Layers 

You can still layer but choose light or thin items (like this cardigan) that you can use when it is 80s outside and when it finally feels like fall you can still use them with more heavier items.

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  1. I love wearing summer items and adding in colors and a few fall items to make it feel more fall-like. Love all your gorgeous fall picks!

    1. Thanks! This warm weather has a plus side to it because I can still wear my summer clothing with out much difficulty! lol

  2. These are great tips! I think picking different colours for your outfit is a nice way to give a nod to a new season even if you can't layer up. It will get cooler for you soon I'm sure :)

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. Thanks Mica! Sticking with fall colors is the great way to go dress for fall when it is hot. It is already getting less hot today! I hope you a nice week.

  3. Love the color combo you have here today; the burgundy with the light pink of the skirt. Also, who doesn't just adore leopard print?!? Great picks

    1. Thanks! I love leopard print more than I ever have now because I know how to style it! Thanks so much for stopping by.

  4. I love your picks and some really great tips here.

    Thank you for linking up with Bargain Hunter Style

    Sammy | XX

  5. I'm definitely struggling with this right now since it's still hot in Cali! This outfit looks super cute and would definitely work in warmer weather!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  6. It's been so hot here in Southern California too. Trying to put together fall looks is hard. Great pieces. xo ~ Megan The Fashionista Momma


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