Thursday, September 8, 2016

This or That: Fall Shoes

This or That: Fall Shoes

My favorite fall shoe steals and splurges! 

Guess which of these western boots is a steal?
Guess                         Guess

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When I saw various articles about fall shoe trends I realized that a lot of the items they featured were expensive!   So I started to look for cheaper shoes that look similar to the more pricey ones found in my favorite fashion posts. I found a lot of less expensive shoes that look just as good as the more upscale brands. I am going to let you guess which of these shoes is the steal! Let me in the comment section which ones you got right.

This or That: Velvet Boots

Velvet which is an old school trend is making a serious comeback this year!

One of these velvet beauties $126 and the other pair costs over $1,000!

Guess which is the steal!

Guess                                   Guess

This or That: Loafers

Menswear inspired shoes is also trending for this year.

Can you guess which of these shoes costs $60?

Guess                  Guess 

This or That: Metallic Mary Janes

Mary Janes are the it shoe according to Who What Wear for this year!

Which of these must haves is $110 (compared to the $335 one)?

Guess                    Guess

This or That: Suede Pumps

Block heels are my dream shoes because they are easier to walk than stilettos!

Which of these pretty yet comfy heels is a steal?

Guess                             Guess 

This or That: Ballet Flats
Ribbon Ballerina flats are the new wave of flats that has been trending for a while now.

Pick which of these ballerina flats is a steal? 

Guess         Guess

What shoe trend are you looking forward to wear this fall?

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  1. Interesting blog and a great idea, not sure I got them all correct though! Thanks for linking up Jacqui

    1. Thanks! You're welcome and thanks for stopping by!

  2. So many cute shoes! I guessed them all correctly except the velvet booties. And ironically, I prefer the cheaper versions of all of them! I really do want to get a pair of lush velvet booties this fall though!

    Thanks so much for linking up with me On the Edge of the Week! Have a fabulous week and I hope to see you again this week!


    1. Thanks! I know that the velvet boots had to trick someone! I had to check myself to make sure I got the right one. Velvet boots would be great for fall and I know you could pull it off beautifully!

  3. I'm loving the ribbon ballerinas! Thank you so much for joining my linkup! Baci, Valeria - Coco et La vie en rose FASHION & BEAUTY

    1. It is such a pretty sight! You're welcome! And thanks for hosting!


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