Sunday, October 23, 2016

Modest Monday: Trying Something New

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I recently got some new items and they were quite different from what I usually wear. Sometimes it is hard to break out with something quite different than what you are use to.  But I was willing to give a try and put some of my old items with it to make me feel more comfortable.

This handkerchief skirt is a lot more decorative than what I typically wear. But I fall in love with the print and colors in it. I pretty much can style this skirt many ways which is why I consider it a keeper.

Tip 1: Try a different silhouette. You may be surprised that what you   claimed you could wear you can pull off fabulously!

Tip 2: Don't psych yourself out of trying something new!

I also wore my new black sleeveless blouse and I love the fact I can layer it with my favorite cardigan that I had for several years. The black pumps are also new. It has has been a long time since I wore heels like this so that is going to take some time getting use to.

Also got this Kenneth Cole Bag

Which happens to look good with my favorite watch!

Tip 3: Try new colors or new prints

Tip 4: Add statement jewelry

Tip 5 : Mix your old items with your new ones! 

Tip 6 : If you not quite ready to try something new simply try a new way of styling your favorite wardrobe staples!

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  1. Love your tips! It's fun trying something new and mxiing it with old favorites!

    1. Thanks! It is fun because it helps make your old items look updated!

  2. Great tips, Lanae! Thanks for sharing!

    Thank you so much for linking up at Grace + Lace!

    Bows & Clothes

  3. I really love the message here. I have tried new things, ponchos.. and found that I did truly love wearing them. You look great!
    thanks for linking up with turning heads tueday
    jess xx

    1. It is amazing how we end up loving new things just as much as our classic items!


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