Sunday, October 2, 2016

Monday Motivation: Walking Through Your Valleys

I never been afraid of things that go bump in the night. Even as a child I  had never been afraid of a lot of a things. I never was afraid of the dark like some kids were. But as a got older I developed fears, some that were even parlaying.

I am afraid of being left alone in my valleys. Valleys are low and dark places. Some of these valleys I got in by my self by making decisions contrary to God's word. Other valleys I have experienced happened beyond my control like a death of a love one! While in the valley I experienced some of my hardiest times some much to the point I thought I was alone but I wasn't!

According to Psalm 23 we walk in the valley of the shadow of death but God is still with us! He guiding us through I circumstances instead of leaving us there.   He is there all around us and comforting us in our times of need. We should  not fear these dark shadows they may like ominous and deadly because God is protecting us. He let's us go through this scary place but because He knows we can get through it. Knowing that if we just  trust in Him we will make it out.

While we are in our valleys we should always know that God is wanting us to let Him help us get through this hard struggle. So let us call upon Him while we are in are going through difficult times. Don't run from Him but to Him and let Him get you through your dark places! 

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