Sunday, October 30, 2016

Monday Motivation: When My Heart is Overwhelmed!

We couldn't believe that the water was coming in our home. We had to get some of our items out of the utility room but now it was entering into the den. We knew then that we had no choice but to leave our home. We looked outside and the water was covering our steps. My father got the car and back it up so the water would not carry it away.

When I took bags to the car I realized the water was above my knees. The current was pushing me and the rain was coming down. I knew that I had to keep going because I knew we had to leave our home. But I was really panicking because it was too much to handle and it was scary! The only scripture that came to mind was Psalm 61:2.  That scripture is what kept me together. I went to the car and then went back into the house to help my parents pack the car and get out. 

When we got in the car we really did not know how the roads were. So we called 911 to see what roads were passable and which were flooded. It took a while to get to safety but we finally did. We were all stunned, wet, but glad to be alive when we finally got safely to one of our family members home. But we still felt panic because we did not how our house was or even if our neighbors were safe. But we trusted in God that He would make a way for things to be alright. 

When we went to check our home the next day, we found out that only a few homes were flooded which included our home. We also found out that our homes were flooded because of the ditches not being cleaned, which caused the water not to properly flow. This was even harder to take because it all could have been prevented. When we saw our home and saw all of that water in our yard  it did not really seem real. When we finally were able to get in our home we saw how much damage was done in the den, utility room, the barn, and under our home, it still was hard to believed it happened.  And it still does not seem real even though we are back in our home. But I still lean on God to get us through the recovery and renovation.

I don't know what you are going through. But I can tell you don't run from God but run to Him. He is the only one to help you overcome your situation. So reach out to Him because He desires to bring you through. 

The word of God is another way that I am getting through what happened. God's word encourages me to keep trusting in God and believing that He will restore what was lost. I have put my trust in God because though some have been supportive others have been letting us down. Reading God's word helps to overcome the stress and the frustration with of what happened.

It seems hard to praise God when trials happen. We are not rejoicing because of our issues but because of  believing God for who He is and what He does. We also praise God because we know that things will work out. 


  1. Thanks for sharing such an inspirational post! It s so encouraging! I hope that you are able to recover from all of this devastation. Praying!

    Bows & Clothes

    1. Thanks you! We are still working on getting everything straight and hopeful by next year we will have most of the repairs done.


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