Sunday, November 13, 2016

How to be kind in an unkind world!

Everyone has noticed how divisive and downright uncivil things are in the world now. I have seen people from two sides of the spectrum hurling insults at each other and saying things they would punish their own children for saying! Things have gotten worse online especially Twitter. I have seen all kinds of hashtags which were  use to attack a person or a group of people.  It amazes me how wide open people are in social media but would never have the nerve to say it to that individual or groups' face! 

What happen to being polite and courteous to one another? These were once the values that our grandparents taught us. But it seems to me few people  now are courteous  to one another. Some can not even be nice to their own families, neighbors, or friends. We even worse to those who are different than us or are who come from a different background.

 If a person has a different view, race, religion, or even political party we chew them up and spit them out. I have seen people on tv scream and even fight each other over their views thinking that they will win the battle! But calling people out of their name really does not win an argument but reveals your truth self and your beliefs.  It also breeds more hate and hostility which is why our Country is the way that it is now!We as people are calling each other the same names but fail to change our own attitudes, beliefs, or a least respect others. So how can this really be solved, especially for those who are claiming to be called Christians( I include myself in this too!)? By simply doing what God said! 


I know I have made excuses about when it comes to forgiveness. Saying things like you don't know what they said or did to me. Or they are so hateful there is no way I can forgive them!But that makes me no better than the ones I claim I can't stand.  I don't to turn into something I don't believe in or support. And I know you don't either. If we don't support hate then why be hateful?!  So just go ahead and forgive the person or people who wronged you! We are not forgiving them to get them off the hook but rather yet so we want become bitter or face judgement of having unforgiveness. We have to let all of the evil hateful things they said or did go, so we can be free to live our life! 


We love those who look like us, think like us, and talk like us. But we have a very hard time loving someone from a different background or belief system than us. We tell us yourselves they have nothing in common with us. This helps us to belittle and mistreat them now that we don't see them as being human. It is time to change how we view each other. Because God does not seem them as how we see them. God sees them as the person that His one and only Son died for! It does not see them as their  color, political party, or even denomination He sees them as someone worth dying for and saving! We all need to change how we view one another. We also need to love those who even do us wrong! Matthew 5:44 tells us to love our enemies not to hate them! It may seem crazy but it is the best thing for not only them but for you too! God will give you the power to have that agape love even for those who are quite different from you.

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