Monday, November 21, 2016

Modest Monday: Dressing up for the Holidays!

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I don't normally get dressed for the holidays but if I were I would wear this dress. This Calvin Klein dress is thrifted and believe or not it still had the tag on it! So it was sure luck to get a dress like this! 

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It is very comfortable and I was not very cold in it because as you can see I have no coat on taking these pictures! Also liked the fact I did not have to worry about having a slip on or worry about a wardrobe malfunction, which is something no one wants! With a dress like this you don't have to worry about stains to much because of the material. Also it is requires no ironing which makes it easy for travel. And best of all it is flattering! So it is not so hard to dress up for the holidays when you have the right fashion!

Tip: Dress for the weather. Pair your fancy look with your favorite winter accessories if it is cold outside. Try a stylish wool dress coat or jacket to go your your dressy outfit. 

Tip: When wearing a bold color like red try mixing it with neutral colors.

Tip: Choose a dress that is flattering so you not only look your best but feel good too! 

Tip: Find your favorite accessories to really make your look even more special!
Also don't forget to relax, have fun, and enjoy your holidays! 

Are you dress up for the Holidays? 

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  1. Great dress for the Holidays. I love the fuchsia. Welcome by tomorrow and linkup with me. Thanks.


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