Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Packing for Holiday Travel

Packing for Holiday Travel

List of Holiday Travel Essentials

The type of items I packed for my Thanksgiving Holiday! 

I traveled for the Thanksgiving this year and packing was not that hard this time! The reason why is because I brought essentials(stripes) and items I could easily mix and match. Here are the outfits I can possible make from the items I packed. (These are a few items  that are similar to what I packed). I am staying for one week so that is why I have this many items!

Travel Look

This is what I on the day I travel because I wanted to be comfortable while traveling for hours!

I also wanted to look my best so no sweats on that day! lol

Shopping Look

Of Course I am going to do a little bit of shopping when I am on holiday!

Tip 1: Pick shoes that will look good with any of your looks.

Untitled #1282

Tip 2. I pack a lot of neutrals because they go well with anything and they are less likely to show stains. Also neutral colors always look classy.

This is the look I plan on wearing this week!

Tip 3: Don't forget to layer, so bring your favorite cardigan, blazer, or vest.
Tights and leggings would also be perfect for chilly weather. 

Untitled #1283

Tip 4: Stick to a color palette and only a few colors. This will help to make sure all of your colors look good together.

These are just a few tips and looks to create with these items!

Let me know what you would pack or have packed for your holiday travel!

More Essentials

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