Saturday, November 12, 2016

Shopping for Christmas Gifts Part 1

All of the Items I saw well shopping at Belks! 

I started early buying gifts (in September) now that it is November I am getting even more gifts for friends and family. So over the past few weeks I have made shopping trips and have brought a few things. I am going to show you not only some of things I brought but also a few things I saw that will make excellent gifts.

My Bath and Body Works Trip! 
A New Fragance for the Holiday Season!

When I went shopping at Bath and Body Works a while back I received 3 coupons. So I decided to make at least three trips until I finished with all of them. And this is what I saw when I entered into the store. Vanilla Bean Noel was finally Here! 

Vanilla Bean Noel is one my favorite Holiday products at B&W. 
So this is on my list of gifts to give this year. 

Candles like these are excellent for an hostess gift! 

Other new products for this season!

Pretty Bags and Colorful Luffers 

I ended up buying Winterberry Wonder and A Thousand Wishes! 

Excellent Goodies to Give as a Gift

Price is reduced on some of these items! 


Have started shopping for Christmas Gifts Yet?

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