Monday, November 14, 2016

Then and Now Floral Dresses

Outfit Then details:
New York and Company White Cardigan Similar Similar
Perceptions Water Color Floral Dress Similar  Similar
Purple Ring Similar
Purple Bead Bracelet Similar
Forever 21 Quilted Clutch Similar
Sling Back White Kitten Heels Similar

Outfit Now details:
Forever 21 Cardigan Similar
Perception Water Color Floral Dress
Kenneth Cole Bag
Boots Dunes Boots  ( Only a few left) Available in Gray
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About two months ago I did a post about how to transition floral dresses. But I really did not have the pictures I wanted to showcase to show how I normally wear floral dresses in fall. I gave  a few tips but here are more!

I wear my floral dresses with a long sleeve cardigan because the sleeves in this dress are too short to wear in 50 degree weather! Instead wearing my white cardi I opted for my blue one because I feel it looks better for this season. 

Tip: Try adding different textures to your floral dress like a nice knit sweater or cardigan.

I also had my favorite boots with tights on a chillier day like today.

Tip: Tights or leggings  make a floral dress fall/winter appropriate. 

And so do boots!

Outfit  Then Details:
Black Cardigan From Cato's Fashion Similar
East Fifth Floral Dress Similar
H&M Black Wedges Similar

Outfit Now Details:

Black Cardigan From Cato's Fashion Similar
East Fifth Floral Dress Similar
Boots: Dunes Boots 

This dress was a lot like easier to transition because it is dark floral and fits in with the darker shades that people wear in fall. I also like how this dress will still be right for winter too! 

This time I opted for a black and white blazer. 

Tip: Layers are a great option for wearing floral dress in colder weather! 

Are you still wearing your floral dress this fall?

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  1. I did similar today, wearing a blazer over a print dress! I like your combinations and thanks for linking, xo


    1. Thanks! I loved your blazer and your dress!

  2. Oh my goodness yes! especially if the fabric is corduroy or cotton mixed with some wool :0) lovely photos...thanks for sharing :0) mari

    1. I never thought about wearing corduroy with these dresses but I think they would be an excellent way to style florals! Thanks for stopping by!


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