Monday, December 19, 2016

How to Style a Burgundy Dress

Catos Fashion Burgundy Dress Similar 
Catos Fashion Black Cardigan  Similar
Embellished Bangle Set Similar

I had a very busy weekend, scratch that a very busy week! I have been traveling back and from my home town to where my sister stays. Also my aunt a Christmas party Saturday which ran a little late. 

Then I went to church Sunday which is where I wore this dress. I got it from Catos Fashion and found it on the clearance rack. I love the fact that it was figure flattering and I love the burgundy color. It goes with a lot of colors especially neutral colors. I believe burgundy is just as versatile has black.

Jewel tones can also go with a burgundy or oxblood dress.

Don't forget about metallics

and even other red (wine) colors or even shades of pink!

How do you wear burgundy?

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  1. Love this dress and the color - it really is so versatile. Thanks for linking! xo


  2. That dress looks great on you! And I agree that burgundy is very versatile. I find most jewel tones are. I've got a pair of teal blue pants from Talbots that I'm sure the people in my office are tired of seeing, lol.

    1. Thanks and jewel tones are wonderful! If it looks good on you then they have to keep seeing it!

  3. Love how you added the sweater! So pretty!


  4. I need to pull out my burgundy dress! You look fabulous in yours!

  5. This is SO cute!!! I wear it with blacks and other fall/winter tones (navy and emerald).


    1. Thanks! Navy and emerald would look perfect with this dress.

  6. Burgundy is so perfect for this time of year!


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