Friday, December 30, 2016

This or That: 2017 Trends

This or That: 2017 Trends

It's almost 2017! And with a new year means more fashion trends. Some are not really trends but rather staples like stripes. Others are repeats of 2016 that don't seem to want to go away. Here are just some of the trends you see in 2017.

Blush fashion

This or That: Blush Fashion

Which of these pretty turtlenecks is a steal (under $80)?

Guess     Guess

It is hard to understand this trend since one of the top 2016 colors was pink. And I guess since it was met with so much love, I can see designers using it again. There are many shades of pink that will be popular as well, so you may be able to find a shade you love.

Bell Sleeves

This or That Bell Sleeves

       The 1970s fashion favorite is staying this year. Ps. The 80s fashion is coming back too!

Mule Flats

Untitled #1334

Guess     Guess

Comfortable shoes are in (yes)! Finally fashion comes to the realization comfortable shoes can be pretty. and chic.

Midi Skirts

Untitled #1333

They are back! Midi skirts are classy skirt that is excellent for a casual or professional look.

Luxury Bags

Untitled #1331

Guess       Guess

Bags like Gucci were popular for 2016 and seems it will be the for 2017. But if you can afford a bag that costs more than your rent or mortgage you can always find one that looks just as good as the expensive bags.  


Untitled #1332

Guess     Guess 

Bows were seen in fashion a lot in the past few years and you will see them next year.

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