Tuesday, December 6, 2016

What gifts to buy for those who are hard to please

We all have that one friend or maybe even family member that is hard to shop for during Christmas. I know I have some horror stories to share about some of them ! Some were so bad I felt like giving them some coal for Christmas or scream Bah Humbug you Scrooge!lol
  Rather they were hard to please or already seem to have anything here are some gifts that can be sure to please! They will be thanking you for these gifts.

Glitz and Glam Gift Guide 

Glitz and Glam Gift Guide

These are for those who are very stylish and will accept nothing less for a gift!

Glitz and Glam Gifts

Godiva Nut and Caramel Assortment- 19-Piece • Godiva • $38 (My mom's brother love Godiva chocolates and think this is probably the only chocolate he will eat!)
Faux Fur Bomber Jacket • $58 (For that stylish friend that always looks good!)
Mobile Lens Kit • $26 (For someone that loves to take selfies and I mean those perfect ones!)
iPhone 6 And 6s Polka Dot Metallic Case • $7 (For the person that even dresses up their cellphone)
Velvet and Pearl Chain Cross Body Bag • $38 (For the woman with all of those)
Gold-Tone Crystal Drop Earrings • $45.56 (Who would say no to Kate Spade Earrings!)
Drape Brrrr Sequin Beanie - Black • $35 (A very stylish beanie that even the fussiest person would love)
Happy Plugs Earbud Headphones • $29 (For the trendy music lover)
Songbird Radio • $45

Buy Unique Gifts 

Unique Gifts

If you have someone on your list that likes to have a gift that is not typical think outside of the box. Either get something they probably won't even think about getting themselves or did not even now that item exists! Then they will be surprised in a good way!

8 Oak Lane Pretzel Bottle Opener • $15 (A cute bottle opener for an hostess gift)

Superstorage Lapdesk 2.0, Sherpa • $59.99 (Perfect chic place to store office supplies for your teen Ps. It can be personalized with their name!)
Sea-son to Snuggle USB Foot Warmers • $39.99 (Excellent gift for a college student)
Of Mythical Prop-ortions Phone Stand • $14.99 (Great for those who love mystical creatures!)
Bluetooth Beaded Fur Headphones, Gold • $79 ( I did not even know headphones can be so stylish)

Nostalgic Gift Guide  

Nostalgic Gift Guide

Nostalgic Gift Guide  

I think even for the most hard shopping cases if you give them something that brings back fond memories they will be sure to love it!

Here are some gifts that bring back some of happy memories!

Pressman The Oregon Trail Card Game • $12.99 (I remember playing this game as child in elementary school)
Hasbro Scrabble Nostalgia Tin Board Game by Hasbro • Hasbro • $34.99 (As kid I remember my family playing this game all night!)
Carol Burnett Lost Episodes ( One of the funniest comedy shows)
Handheld Pac-Man Arcade Game • Urban Outfitters • $25.95 (I remember playing this game at a local arcade store for hours)
Road to Avonlea:The Complete Six Season (A lot who read Anne of Green Gables loved this series too!)
Clue Games ( Clue is one of the best board games)
Anne of Green Gables (One of best series which rarely comes on tv so this is perfect treat)
Sega® Genesis® Classic Game Console • $39.99

And if all else fails make them something or buy them a gift card! 

Just keep in mind it is better to give than to receive! 

How do you deal with those who are hard to shop for?


  1. Love all of these gift ideas! The unique one is so good! Great ideas



    1. Thanks Shauna! The unique ones are the best because they stand out!


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