Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Budget Friendly Valentine Finds

Dollar Tree Has the perfect and inexpensive craft and gift ideas for Valentine's Day.

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Dollar Tree Valentine Finds 

I love holidays especially decorating and gift giving. But sometimes it can get expensive especially if you desire to do a lot of holiday themed items. But Dollar Tree has a lot of inexpensive and cute items to help you celebrate any festive event. And since Valentine's Day is around the corner I decided that I would show you some of the things I brought. 

Valentine's Day is another holiday that I love to decorate my home.  It has been a while ever that I brought anything new. So I made a quick trip and brought some things.  So I mixed some of the old pieces I had with the new items I brought above. I felt there was no need to buy more items when I had perfectly good ones at home. 

Welcome Sign

I took my Christmas wreath down about two weeks ago. So when I brought this hanging sign I simply used the same wealth hange to place the new one on. Pretty simple to do! 

Candy Vase 

I took a vase and some ribbon I already owned to make a cute gift idea.
I simply placed one of the formed picks in the vase and added the candy.

Or you can use take the heart pick out and just add the candy!

Candy Mug

I add the idea of putting the pick inside of the heart mug so it can look like a stirrer.
Then I added the chocolate candy.

I also think it  would be nice to have a treat bag especially if you doing something for kids on Valentine's Day. 

Heart Centerpiece

I used an old center piece item I had plus some easter grass to make a Heart centerpiece. 
I thought would be different from the typical rose center piece. 

All of the items came to a total of $7.38! Which I think is a steal! 

If buying online from Dollar Tree they ship items in bulk. This would be excellent for those having large events or teachers. 



  1. Great ideas. We moved into our new house this last summer and I have nothing to decorate it with for Valentines day.

    Lydia | chicandmodish.com

    1. Thanks! I believe you can find something if you do choose to decorate this year!


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