Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Color Trend Greenery

Color Trends: Greenery
Pantone's Spring 2017 Top Color 
Greenery Items 

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I loved last year's color trends because many of the colors I had in my closet or would not mind owning. But the top color for 2017 throw me for a loop! Greenery is the top color for 2017! 

I was expecting something revolutionary especially with the climate of the world today. But Greenery maybe something we really need. Greenery according to Pantone is a symbol of new beginnings that is supposed to refresh and be revitalize.  That is something I think everybody is looking for in this new year. I also think it is a color that gives a nod to the fact that maybe we should enjoy natural just a little bit more this Spring. And that is something I can agree with even though green is my  not one of my top color choices. 

I still love this shade of green because it is energizing.  Plus I think it would look great in a print rather floral or tropical. I think this shade can act is a neutral  in natural but an accent or statement color in fashion. The looks I have found below represent that fact! 

The Best Street Style From New York Fashion Week
Greenery looks great with a neutral like than. 

The Best Street Style From New York Fashion Week Pinterest
It looks good with the color combo black and white. 

NYFW The Best Street-Style Moments from the Spring 2017 Shows
Or Black all by itself.


NYFW The Best Street-Style Moments from the Spring 2017 Shows
You can even wear it with another bold color. 

How do you feel about Greenery?

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  1. Green has always been one of my favorite colors. I'm so excited to wear this more in the upcoming seasons!


    1. Green is a pretty color so I can see why you love it!

  2. So excited about greenery this year! Green is my favorite color!


    1. I know you will create some fab green looks!

  3. That is such a fun, bright color! I love how it looks paired with bright pink!

    1. I think if I do find some greenery fashion I would wear it with pink!


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