Friday, January 20, 2017

Friday Five Under $50: Valentine's Day Look Tips

Valentine's Day Look: Friday Five Under $50

Friday Five Under $50
Valentine's  Day Look 

A cute  and casual look for Valentine's Day.
All items are under $50 each!

Items Featured
Oasis Heart Cosy Sweater  (Available Here)
Denim Sailor Pencil Skirt • Madewell • $49.99
OLIVIA MILLER Olivia Miller Alura Chain Wrapped Heart Crossbody Bag • $48
OPI On Pinks & Needles Nail Lacquer
Vans Pop Authentic Lo Pro • Vans • $33.95–45 ((Available Her))

I never really had holiday themed fashion except when I was a child. But it has been growing on me when it comes to certain holidays or certain type of holiday fashion. What I mean is that I would never buy a shirt with Santa Claus on it because it is a little childish to me and you can only wear it for December. I want to purchase items I can wear for longer than one month a year! That is why I like holiday looks that are tasteful and can be worn for a season instead of day or month. These are a few tips when it comes to wearing holiday themed looks.

Holiday Style Tips 

Tips for not only Valentine's Day but every holiday!

  • Choose items that are not directly related to a certain holiday!

If you buy a sweater with Cupid shooting a bow and arrow you probably only wear it for Valentine's Day. But if you buy something with  hearts you probably can wear more times than a Cupid.

  • Stay away from items that have holiday slogans or greetings up there.

When you buy these type of  items you really do not get much for your money.
A sweater with Happy Valentine's Day on it probably would not be worn a dozen times a year. It would probably be worn just for Feburary 14.

  • Choose items that are classy

A item that it is really cheeky is not good great for school or work. You know what type of novelty sweaters or accessories I am talking about! The ones that you would probably get you in trouble because of the sassy sayings or images. Stick with items that are classy and simple that can easily be worn from 9 to 5 and after work.

  • Stick with the holiday color themes 
You can't go wrong with  wearing pink and red for Valentine's Day. Choosing holiday color themes allows you to be more creative with styling. It is also cheaper to do because I believe everyone has a least one red or maybe even pick item in their closet. so you won't have to spend more money.

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  1. Stopping by from the Fashion Friday Link Up - love this look! The shoes are especially cute!

  2. I hear what you are saying about wanting pieces that you can wear for more than just a holiday! I really think that's the nice thing about hearts. Sure, you can certainly see how it's Valentine appropriate, but love is for every season, right?

    1. Love is for every season! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. These are great tips! I really like that heart print top too :) I have a novelty Christmas tee that's only ever worn on Christmas eve as it has Santa on it, but red and green are Christmas colours you could wear year round otherwise!

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. Yeah I had shirts like that and it really was waste of my money because I did not wear them. So I am sticking color combos!

  4. These are really great tips for getting more wear out of festive pieces! I tend to stay away from super holiday-ish pieces, too, and stick with colors rather than phrases or pictures! Really cute picks for Valentine's Day, too. Thanks for linking up with me On the Edge.


    1. Colors are the best bet for holiday fashion because you get the most wear out of it and those outfits look good any where.

  5. Oh Valentinsday, great tipps. Thank you for linking up with tinaspinkfriday. Happy monday! Tina

    1. Thanks Tina for hosting your link up!

  6. Very cute look for Valentine's! That heart bag is adorable. Great tips on what items to choose or not choose for holidays. Thanks for linking up with Fabulous Friday, Lanae!


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