Sunday, January 29, 2017

How I Fell in Love with Pink!

Hannah Sweater from Pebbles  (Similar)(Similar)(Similar)

Today it was a whole lot easier to put a look together. Last Sunday I was having a fashion meltdown because I could find what I wanted to wear. When I finally found something to wear the look was to my liking (finally) but the pictures did not come out right! So this week I was determined not to face the same fate. So I went with something that really could not go wrong for me, pink! 

Pink was not always my favorite color! It was kind of forced on me as a kid. My mom felt that any shade of pink look good on me but I was not feeling it. I could not stand girly things then, I thought it was boring. But over the years pink became my favorite color to wear. One reason why is because it adds color to my wardrobe especially when wearing neutrals like black. And all black look  can use some color!

It is also a happy color and it can be just as bold as red! And shade like hot pink adds some energy which is needed in winter especially when  you are having the blahs like I was on Sunday! Neutrals like black also add some sophistication  to a color like pink. 

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  1. Hot pink is so cheerful and I am loving it this winter too! Thanks for sharing, xox


    1. It is a happy shade and wearing it made me feel more energized!

  2. Oh I have been in love with pink since I came out of the womb hahah

    Life is just Rosie

    1. I wish I could say that but I have fully embraced now!


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