Thursday, January 12, 2017

This or That: My Winter Faves

My Winter Faves:This or That

Beanies have been one of my go to hats this winter for cold days or bad hair days! Lol

Guess which one is the steal?

Guess     Guess 

I have been enjoying winter so far. The reason is that I have been experiencing a pretty mild Winter in North Carolina. There was one winter weekend (Jan. 9-11) that had me stick in the house because of the snow and wind. But other than that it has been a excellent winter. The reason why I have been enjoying it so much is because of the winter fashion I have been wearing and seeing. 

Some of the fashion pieces trending for winter 2016/2017 I have been embracing this season. But I have all the while considered certain pieces my faves for a while now. So I am glad that they are trending because it motivates me a little more to include them more in my wardrobe or wear these pieces more often. These are a few of the items I have been crushing on this season. 

But since it is Thursday there is a little twist to it.
You have to guess which of my best loved winter items is a steal (less expensive) or a splurge (more expensive). Let me know which ones you got right in the comment section! 

Bomber Jackets: This or That

The bomber jacket was one of my go to jackets for the warmer days. I also love bomber jackets because they are easy to layer.  

Guess which is the splurge? 

Black and Gold Clutch Bag
Last year I got a gold and black clutch which is probably one of my favorite accessories to wear especially for special occasions.
Plus Box Bags are popular for this season.

Guess which is black and gold clutch is a steal?

Untitled #1346
I have a lot of pink shirts, sweaters, and a few hoodies and I often wear them in winter to give some color to by other winter staples.  

Guess which is the steal?

I brought a pencil which I can't wait to show on the blog.  I decided to get a skirt that was not black which is what I typically own. I am glad that is trending to wear color in winter.

Guess which is the steal at $60?


  1. Pink is my color. So everything here looks good to me. :)

  2. The right one except for the pencil skirt. There my fav is the left one.

    1. That left pencil skirt is my fave too!

  3. Adorable beanies and I am really loving the blush pencil skirts! Great pics this week. Thanks so much for linking up with Fabulous Friday!

    1. I am glad you love the items I featured!

  4. I love all of these cute picks! thanks for linking up with The Weekly Style Edit!
    xo Lindsay

    1. Glad you like the items! Thanks for co hosting!


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