Thursday, January 26, 2017

This or That :Romantic Finds

Romantic Finds

Heart flats are perfect for Valentine's Day and maybe even before then.

Style Tip: These flats would look great with a skirt or your favorite pair of jeans!

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Guess  Guess

In a recent Valentine's Day post  I discussed tips for dresses for Valentine's Day. I love holiday fashion but sometime it can get a little cheesy. So today I am focusing on classic romantic items that you can wear not only for Valentine's Day but any time you feel like dressing up. Since today is Thursday you have to guess which is the steal and which is the splurge!

This or That: Blush Skirt
I am loving the fact that blush fashion is in style so I had to put these skirts on the blog. 
This or That: Lavender Pleated Skirt

Lavender pleated skirts would be perfect for Valentine's Day but also in spring.

Guess       Guess

This or That: Ruffle Shirt

Ruffle blouses were all the rage last year and this year it is the same! 

Guess       Guess 

This or That: Red Bow Heels

Bows and ribbons are in for 2017 but would it be perfect to wear for Valentine's! 

Guess         Guess

Untitled #1362

Sequins are get for holidays like Christmas but would not be perfect for Valentine's?


  1. Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style. Great picks!

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