Friday, January 13, 2017

Tips to Save Money While Shopping

I have done a previous post like this before but I feel like there are a lot of tips for saving money while shopping. I have learned a quite of few tips to save money on my purchases over the years. But I still find there are so many ways to score a fab deal on some of my favorite items. So here are a few tips you may be familiar with or have never tried!

1.Shop out of Season

I heard one blogger exclaim she would never shop out of season because you would not want to wear old trends! To be honest that is not the always the case when buying out of season. Some trends repeat themselves and of course you can always invest in a good staple. So do not fear making a faux pas by shopping out of season.  

In winter it is the best time to shop for summer items like bathing suits or sunglasses. And in summer is the best time to find deals on boots or coats. Just stick don't by a over the top trendy piece that may not be in season. 

2.Don't Shop out of Boredom

This is the worst time to go out to the mall or any store because you have to the tendency to buy more. You also will find yourself buying something you don't need or even like. So on a boring weekend find something else to do. 

3.Rain Check Please

If you go to a store to find out something that you saw online is not available anymore or no longer in you size ask for a raincheck. This why you will be able to get the sale price on the item later on when it is in stock. But you have to ask because the sales clerk is going to give it to you. 

4. Ask for Store Coupons 

On one shopping trip I was surprised to learn that we could only get a discount from a coupon that was available in the newspaper. But I did not get the newspaper that time. So I kindly ask the sales clerk( the nice one) if they had any available that I could use and she did. So don't be afraid to ask for coupons you may have missed. 

5. Buy  Newspapers

So I learned my lesson that there are times that I need to buy a newspaper like when they actually have something interesting in it to read. Or whenever there is major sale or around an holiday. 

6.Use Price Comparison 

There are some stores that allow you to bring a sales paper to price compare. Some stores even allow you compare prices with an item you may have already brought and  you could get the difference back. Also you can use price comparison tool like Camel Camel Camel 

7.Buy from Generic Brands 

I actually go to Walmart and other  stores to buy some of basic items. Like I typically get undershirt or camisole from Walmart or Target. These are items you really do not have to spend a lot of money on. 


  1. I am a shopper out of Season. It's so much cheaper to get things when you're not in the right Season. And I try not to shop when I'm bored because I usually will always buy something....

    1. I do shop out of season especially around holidays! Shopping when bored is always a bad idea.


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