Sunday, January 22, 2017

Why I am Staying in Church!

I have often heard people say that they did not want to be saved or even go to church because of the behavior or words of Christians. I knew that I was one of them. When I was a child I did not want to be saved because of the fact the members of the church I went to did not treat me or my family right. I did not like the "salvation" I saw. But I finally came to the realization that I needed God in my life. I needed Him because my behavior was not right in my life. 

But even though I am saved I still feel frustration and hurt from the behavior of my own brothers and sisters in Christ. Sometimes I want to leave the "church" because I felt like they are bringing me down. Their treatment and actions were causing me to lose hope. But hearing and reading the word of God is renewing my faith in the church.

Believe it or not it was at Sunday School at my church where I learned a key lesson. Christians or saved people (me included) unfairness does nothing to the fact that God is faithful. No mean church folk can change how good God is to each of us. I found out through one of the scriptures in the lesson for that day. Romans 3:3-4 was that very scripture. I continue to meditate on that very thing since I read that scripture.  And that is something everyone should think on! 

I am in a church that teaches the word of God and His truth. I may not like how people are not walking His truth but at least I can say that the bible is being taught correctly. I may not always like the method but I love that is the truth and how it reveals who God is to me and what He has done for me.

I am also in a church that taught me many life lessons. I learned at an early age public speaking from those years of saying Bible verses and church plays.  I also was taught how to serve others. Rather being an usher or just simply serving the community, I was taught to help others. That is why when I went to college it was not hard to earn my community service hours for graduation; because I knew it was good to help other and doing God's work by helping those in need.  I received a lot of teaching rather it was the good,the bad, or ugly from the church. I count it all good despite how bad it can be sometimes. I also learned a lot about humanity and all its flawed ways. 

Yes, we as Christians (included me) are flawed that is why we are still going to church and impacting on our behavior.  Church despite how some of us "perfect" saints may act, the church is for those who need help! That is why we are still sitting in there to get help! That is why we still pray, read our bibles, and fast. We are works in progress continually renewing our minds to the word of God. That fact that we are not angelic should be a refreshing to those who are not save or still struggling.
 I can find fellowship with others who struggle like me, receive encouragement to keep going, and accountability for my actions (Hebrew 10:25). We all need God's forgiveness and His grace.  He also need His word to guide us in our lives daily. So come on into the church were the word of God is being taught and were people are getting help because we all need help and we all need a little more Jesus!

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  1. Church is for the wounded soul and searching heart. I'm staying too. I'm not perfect but it is the hospital for the spirit.

    1. That is excellent reason to stay in church!

  2. I am staying too. Thank you for this encouraging post!


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