Monday, February 20, 2017

How to Dress for Winter in Warm Weather

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In September I did a post on how to dress for fall when it warm. So I am going to do a post for winter because today is a warm day in North Carolina. It is in the 70s today and it will be like this all next week. So today I found it really hard to dress for winter with this type of weather. I use to wearing a coat, sweater, a thick shirt, and boots! So I knew I could not possibly wear anything like that today. But at the same time I was was not ready to wear something so summer like. 

So I mixed my favorite winter top with my spring skirt. I decided to wear this linen type skirt with my red mock turtleneck. To me choosing a high neck shirt was easier for me to wear shirt sleeves in winter. This is just one way to bring your spring fashion into winter. 

Another thing you can do is wear your stripe tank with a winter plaid shirt. This is a good way to mix prints and to transition items. Floral print can also be mixed with plaid. If you never mixed prints before then choose neutrals or going with matching colors until you feel comfortable wear two or more prints or patterns. 

You can also choose a winter color like burgundy or olive to wear for a warm winter day. 
A off the shoulder burgundy dress would be nice to wear. 

A vest or sleeveless  jacket would also be a good winter weather item to style on hot days. 

And you still can wear a nice suede skirt with a cute stripe shirt.

Instead of flats you could wear ankle boots.

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  1. The weather has been SO warm for winter! Great tips and thank you so much for sharing at the On Mondays We Link-Up party :)!

    Trendy & Tidy

    1. I am enjoying this usually winter weather! And you're welcome.

  2. I know how you feel - in the 70's and low 80's here all winter! Love this striped skirt, and thanks for linking, xo


    1. This kind of weather is a unusually for us but I am enjoying this rarity! Thanks for hosting.

  3. Long skirts are definitely great for warm winter weather


    1. They sure are and I love wearing them! Thanks for stopping by.


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