Friday, February 3, 2017

Five Under $50: Dressing Up

Dressing Up
Excellent look for a special occasion maybe even Valentine's Day! 

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There was a time I could not stand dressing up! Maybe because I had negative thoughts to dressing up.  Dressing up to me was fussy fashion that was uncomfortable and silly. But that it before I learned a few tips to dressing up! 

Find a style that works for you

  • If you can't stand complicated fashion  that would take you a long time to put on go for something simpler.  Base  your choice on what you feel looks good on you.Use your casual style choice to figure out what you should go with. 
  • Find something that looks good on you so you will feel comfortable. 
  • If you can't stand heels try some flats! 

Think of the event you are attending 

  • Also keep in mind the location  and the time of the event in mind. 
  • If it is during day your look may be a little more casual than at night. 

  • Also do not forget about the season either. 

How much do you want to spend

  • If you are on a budget you may want to choose a store that is less high end. 
  • If you don't want to spend a dime you could also pick out something from your closet. Just simply remix an old look! 

Choose your accessories 

Pick the style you want to go for a rather it be classic look,boho, or  even go bold! 

  • An black tie event calls for crystal earrings and maybe even pearls. You can match your bag with your dress or add metallic bag.   
  • At night party with your girlfriends would a good time to try on unique  earrings like ear cuffs  and maybe some bangle bracelets. For your bag choose a purse a statement bag

These are just a few tips on dressing up! 
What tips do you recommend?


  1. I LOVE the pink dress, perfect for Valentine's day!

    1. It is a stunning dress to wear going on Valentine's Day!


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