Monday, February 13, 2017

How to Mix and Match Colors

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When I found the skirt above I  was thinking of other ways I could match it with other tops I owned. I knew I could wear black, grey, and  white with it. The first time I wore it I choose to wear black. But when I brought this top separately  and brought it home, I realized that burgundy would look even better with this skirt!  I promise you I was not even thinking of this skirt when I brought the top. I was only thinking of the other items that I was buying at that moment. But when shopping it is best to think of what mixes and matches if what you already own. These are a few tips to keep in mind for your next shopping trip.

Go with the colors in a print 

With this skirt I have black, brown, white, and burgundy so all of those colors would look right with it. 

Keep colors in the same family

Neutrals go with neutrals. Jewel Tones with Jewel Tone, You kind of know where I am going it with this. 

Mix Bold with Neutrals 

Mix your favorite bold colors with neutrals. 

Find a color wheel

Using a color wheel sound intimidating but it is not. You are basically finding a complimentary color by looking at the opposite color on a the wheel. A deep mauve color on the outside edge goes with a yellow green color. 

Mix different shades

Mix a darker color pink with a pastel one. 

For more tips on mixing and matching colors check out this article. 

Ps. This would be a great last minute Valentine's Day Look.

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  1. On Friday I host the Fancy Friday linkup. Hope you can stop by!

  2. Nice article :) I love the combinations :D

  3. Lovely outfits and great info regarding mix matching. I also like to mix and match outfits.this is really helpful.

    1. Thanks! I am glad you found it helpful!

  4. Nice! I like mixing and matching. It's fun!
    Happy Valentine's Day!

    1. It is fun to do! Thanks for stopping by Lux!

  5. I really like your tip of picking the different colors of a patterned skirt for a top. It really can reinvent a piece when you choose this technique, because it brings out the colors of the pattern in a different way!

    1. It does really make pattern skirt look different and it helps create a nice collection of looks! Thanks for stopping by Kelsey!

  6. great tips for styling and I adore the hemline of your skirt. thank you for joining up with my Fine-Whatever link up.


    1. Thanks! It is a quite unique hemline different than before!


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