Saturday, March 18, 2017

Soul Sunday

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I had many defeats in my life. I was told by my college professor that I was not right to be at my first university. I  later failed and was put on academic probation. I felt defeated and was left wondering what to do. 

I decided to not let that failure cause me to stop pursuing a degree. I went on to earn two bachelor degrees with honors. If I allowed my failure to cause me to give up on my dream, I would have missed a great opportunity. A opportunity to allow God to move and open another door.

  I have many doors closed on me. I lost out on jobs and promotions but God had something better for me. I now work for myself and earn more money than I did working for others. If I had gave up I would have never experience the freedom of working for my self!

Don't allow failures or defeats to prevent you for allowing God to bless you! Keep believing in God and yourself. You will overcome your defeats if you keep holding on to God. He will bring you to your victory!

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