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Spring Cleaning Your Closet Part Two

Cleaning Your Closet Part Two 

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Spring is almost here but I am already getting started on spring cleaning. There is no need to wait especially if you are tired of clutter! That is especially the case for me because my home is still being fixed from the damage of Hurricane Matthew. So I am ready to get my home in order. The easiest thing for me to start with is my closet.

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The reason it is simple for me is because it is one of the easiest for to clean. It is easy to clean my close because it is one of the neatest places in my home. But over the past few months I have collected more clothes. So in order to prevent my closet from being filled, I had to get rid of some of my clothing. But first I had to develop a method to choosing what should go and what should stay. But first I had to ask myself a few questions?

Does it still fit?

Would I ever wear it again?

Have I worn in the past few months!

Is it still in style?

If I saw it in a store would I buy it?

After I answered each question I had a nice pile of items of things I wanted to keep, throw away, or give away. 

11 Closet Organization Ideas From Pinterest

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Things I Can't Wear

This was the easiest thing to do because what ever did not fit had to go. That meant things that were too tight or too big. Also things that were too long add to be hemmed or too short add to go.

If they were in good condition I donated it to Salvation Army or gave it away to family members.

Tips: donate items that are no torn or faded.  ( No Under Garments Please 👎)

Ps. You also sale things if they are higher priced items that have never been worn or gently used.

Here are a few list of sites to sale clothing on! 

11 Closet Organization Ideas From Pinterest

Picture from  Who What Wear

Don't forget your local consignment shops either!

Get Rid of Damaged Goods

Do you have things in your closet that is old and not in good condition? ✋I had a few things like that in my closet too. Things I knew were beyond repair or would cost too much to get fixed. I throw those items away.

Not my style! 

Now this was hardest for me to give away or donate because some of these items had fond memories of wearing them. Some clothing was given to me by  love ones so it was hard to part.
Those items were kinda like that old shirt from college that still fits but  you outgrown fashion wise 🙈.  Something that an adult wouldn't be caught dead in because it is too gosh!  It is time to let it go of those things if you know that now you will never wear anything like that again! 

Now that I have my closet cleaned now it is most be organized!

Organizing Your Closet 

If you have been over stuffing your closet  like I have it is time to stop. Only put enough clothing in there that will fit neatly. This helps you to partly solve that dilemma of I have nothing to wear.  Now you can actually see what is in your closet so you can be able to wear it.

Backwards Hanging Check

This is something I have just found out about recently but would not mind doing it if it keeps my closet clean. 
Face all of the hangers away from you and replace them the right way after you wear it. Check back in about six months to check and see which are not hanging the right way. If the clothing is still hanging backwards you need to wear it or donate it. 
Also get new thin hangers so items in your closet can fit. 

Invest in Garment  Organizers 

Top Organizing Tips for Closets

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Garment organizers can help you to organize your closet by color, season, type of clothing, or whatever suits you. Dividers, Racks, Hooks,  and Organizers help things to remain neat and make it easy to find. 


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  1. I never thought to ask myself if I would buy something if it was in a store! That's such a great question to help me with my spring cleaning!

    1. Yes, it is helping me a lot to get rid of things I no longer like or things that someone gave me that I was holding on too!

  2. Love these rules!! I need to go through my closet in the next few weeks. I'll definitely be adding the rule, "If I saw it in store right now, would I buy it??". Love it!

    1. Thanks! I have been practicing some of them for a while and it has helped me to get rid of a lot of clothes that I no longer wanted.

  3. Great tips! I need to clean my closet out so bad!

  4. You just reminded me to set a date to spring clean my closet. There are items I must take to have repaired. Items that I want to revamp so I can wear them this summer. Thanks for this post.

  5. Spring cleaning is sooo necessary! I love a cohesive closet!

  6. I need to spring clean my closet it's a jungle in there haha!!
    Jasmine :)

  7. Great tips!! I need to do this myself ASAP

  8. I've always wanted to try the backwards hanger trick. Maybe I'll give it a go this Spring/Summer. Thanks for the inspiration and for joining my Fine-Whatever link up.



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