Thursday, March 23, 2017

This or That: Spring Wishlist Part Two

This or That: Spring Wishlist Part 2

It has been almost two years since I bought a pair of sneakers! 
I thought it would be nice to get a new pair especially since I got rid of a lot of my old sneakers.
I would not mind having a pair of statement sneakers since all of my mine are walking shoes or regular canvas sneakers. 
Guess which of these statement making sneakers is a splurge (over $600)! 

Guess  Guess 

I Have been doing a major overall of cleaning out my closet, drawers, and even jewelry boxes of old clothing and jewelry. I created a wishlist of item I would love to buy to replace some of these items I got rid of during spring cleaning.  Some of these items on my wishlist are things I always wanted but never got a chance to buy. Others are things that are somewhat similar to what I had and would a nice upgrade.

My wishlist composes of items that are right for spring weather or spring trends. But sometimes trendy items can be expensive. So I went in search are cheaper similar items I could buy. I bet you can't guess which is which! Below guess which is the steal or the splurge!

This or That: Slingbacks

After wearing boots for months, I would love to have some heels.  Slingbacks are what I would love to wear in this warmer weather. I gave away my old black slingbacks, so I would love to have another pair for spring.

Guess which shoes is the steal?

This or That: Biker Jacket

I usually wear a denim jacket in spring. But I think it would be nice to change it and wear a biker jacket! 

Guess which of these bombers is unde $100?

This or That: Wedge Sandals

I have seen bloggers with shoes like these wedge espadrilles for so long! And I have yet to buy some of my mine on. But this year I will get them! lol Especially since I got rid of my favorite sandals. 

This or That: Saddle Bags

 I am looking for a nice crossbody or bucket bag to wear when traveling.

Guess which bag is under $50?


  1. Such a fun idea for a blog post! It's crazy how much money we could all save by taking the time to find look-a-likes for half the cost of the designer option!!

    - Kaitlin

  2. Great looks. My fav is the Kenneth Cole twisty sneakers!

  3. Nude is so in. They're just so elegant to look at with their simplicity.

  4. Funny thing...I usually prefer the cheaper of the choices. Great comparisons!

  5. I am so glad you shared the dupe for those must have espadrilles, Lanae! I really like the blush jackets for spring, too.

  6. Always such a fun post! Thanks for linking up with me!


  7. Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style linkup party. Great comparison. I am always wondering how much time it costs to find the similar items!


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