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Top Ten Spring Items on Sale

Top Ten Shoe Items On Sale

Top Ten Spring Items On Sale 

1.White Shirt: Here 2. Block Heels Here 3. Ballet Flats Here 4. Stripe Shirt Here
5.Backless Shoes Here 6.Dark Floral Dress Here 7. Trench Coat Here
8. Statement Sneakers Here
9.Sheer Top Here 10.  Midi Skirt Here

It is is finally feeling like spring again! Now is the time to go out and have fun. Spring is not only a good time to explore the great outdoors but also a good time to refresh your wardrobe! So put away your heavy knits and enjoy spring fashion. From your old favorites to new updates here is a list of The Top Ten Spring Items that all just happen to be on sale! I list reasons why you should consider including these items in your new spring style. You can thank me later! lol

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1. Update on a White Shirt 

Most of us have white t shirts and button downs in our closet but this season you can now try new white shirt trends! Ruffles is of the of the top white shirts you can wear this yea. A white ruffle top would be perfect to put in place of your usual button down or white t shirt. Don't forget about asymmetrical shirts and bell sleeves. All of these items can be worn with your favorite staples like denim. You can also dress them up for work or a night out.

White Shirts 

2. Block Heels 

Block heels are a great add to your closet because it allows you to dress up your favorite looks. And  give those flats a break! You can add block pumps, sandals, and even boots to your spring wardrobe. 

3.  Ballerina Flats 

We all love  good ballerina flat.  But if  you  are looking forward to trying something new you can try laced up ballerina flats or even scalloped.  Here are a few flats you are sure to love with you want to update you ballet flat! 


Stripes are a excellent staple for spring and any other season! Rather it is bold stripes or nautical these are the perfect items to have for spring and the rest of this year!

5. Backless Shoes 

Backless shoes are great for a person that wants something not so complicated. No straps, buckles, or laces which means you slip it on and go!  From loafers to mules here are some good items on sale!

6. Dark Floral Dresses 

Yes, you already have floral dresses in you closet! But what about dark florals!? Often worn in winter they can be worn in spring too because they are sophisticated and perfect for any event you may attend. Here is a post on how to style dark florals.

7.Trench Coat 

Trench Coats are often worn in spring because of the sometime unpredictable rainy weather. But they can be worn all year round  and for many years to come. So why not invest in a classic piece or a new update like a bold colored trench this spring! 

8. Statement Sneakers 

Sometimes sneakers can seem a little bit boring or not  fashionable. But in 2017 sneakers have got a little bit more stylish. Velvet, bows, and embroidered are just some of the creative embellishments placed on sneakers. Which is your new fave?

9. Sheer Top 

Sheer tops can be considered daring but not when you layer it with lovely prints it makes it classy and fun.They can also be demure yet romantic with a little bit of sheer in one part of the shirt.  For how to style sheer tops  check out this post.

10.  Midi Skirts 

Midi skirts have been trending for a while but this year they are so many different variety of skirts to choose from which makes midi skirts all new again. One of my favorite midi skirt trends is the tiered skirt! Which is your favorite? For more ideas check this out: Best Midi Skirts .

What is your top spring item for this year? 

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