Sunday, March 12, 2017

When In Doubt Wear Red, Navy, and Black

Outfit Details 
Calvin Klein Red and Navy Belted Dress Similar
Black and White Blazer Similar
Life Stride Heels Similar

Today is a cold day and it was actually snowing earlier before I took the pictures. Which why  I don't have too many pictures today. It was just too cold to be standing outside! Others may do it but not this woman, thank very much! lol

This dress from Calvin Klein and when I first got it I actually thought it was black for a moment until I loved at it in better lightening! But actually it is navy. But I still like the dress regardless of what color it is. I love the faux wrap design and the hem detail.

Since I did not have any navy blazer I decided black and white would be good with this dress.
I know I totally broke some old fashion rules but you can wear navy with black. These are a few tips to wearing those colors together.

Tip One: Use Colors that are similar to each other. And this navy does look close to the black.

Tip Two: Layer them close together 

I needed all of the layers I could get taking this photo because I was cold! 

I also had a Apt 9 cardigan on too! So I was wearing all kinds of layers today. 

Tip Three:  Mix different textures together to add contrast. 

Are there any fashion rules you are willing to break?


  1. Great layering and I love this dress! Thanks for linking up, xo


  2. So sweet!! I love this look! Reminded me of the movie Madelaine a little bit! You know the one set in London?! It kind of has a british / school girl vibe - so adorable!

    xo, jess

    1. I never thought it look like Madelaine but I can see it now that you mentioned it! lol Thanks Jessica!

  3. Love the wrap design of your dress and color block style of it! I hate taking photos outside when it's so cold too, but sometimes you have to suffer as a fashion blogger! ;)

  4. Three of my favorite colors to wear!!! Loving the style of your red top! Thanks for sharing with us at On Mondays We Link-Up!

    Trendy & Tidy


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