Thursday, May 25, 2017

This or That: Summer Finds

This or That: Summer Finds

Summer would be here soon! 

Guess Guess 

Memorial Day is coming up and that can only mean that summer is almost here. But with the temperatures being so warm in North Carolina it seems that summer is already here. That is why I have been looking at summer fashion already. No need to wait until the last moment to buy summer items! These are just some of the things I have on my summer wish list. 

This or That: Sneakers

I love sneakers but sometimes I want something more fashionable than the run of the mill tennis shoe. That is why these bow sneakers caught my eye.
Guess which statement sneaker is under $50?

Guess   Guess 

This or That: Pink Glasses

A good pair of sunglasses is just what I need for summer. But I don't want to spend a lot of money on them! That is why one of these sunnies are on my list. 
Guess which one! 

This or That: Ruffle Wrap Shirt

Ruffles are here to stay and that is why I finally embracing them for summer.
But Guess which one of these skirts is a splurge!

Guess   Guess 

This or That: Suede SandalsSummer means it is time for sandals. 

But can you guess which sandal is the least expensive! 

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