Saturday, May 20, 2017

What to Wear to Graduation

Outfit Details: 
Polka Dot T-Shirt  Similar  Similar
H&M Pleated Skirt Here (Only in Black)
H&M White Flats Similar

I had a time figuring out what to wear to my brother in laws graduation Friday.  I had brought a few items but I ended up with this. I choose this look based on a number of reasons.

One was the heat outside. It was in the 90s today it felt like a 100! I decided to wear a t-shirt because it was so warm. This t-shirt I got from Walmart for around six bucks! But since it was a special event I decided to dress my tee up.

Tip: If graduation happens indoors brings a cardigan.

I wanted to wear something in a lighter color and fabric because of the temperatures. But I also wanted to wear something that did not wrinkle. So those are the reasons why I choose this skirt, plus it looks good with my polka dot shirt. And flats were a no brainer for walking and standing.

When I got there I notice that a lot of women had on dresses. Maxi dresses were in high number and I saw quite a few high-low dresses. A lot of people had on stripes, floral prints, or paisley. These are just a few more ideas to wear for a graduation.

The graduation was not only a great taste of fashion but a fun family event. It was excited to be with my family and support one of our own. That is what graduation is all about!

Did you attend a graduation this year? 

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