Thursday, June 8, 2017

4 Reasons to Love Embroidered Fashion

Embroidered Skirt Look

Embroidered fashion has been trending on and off for years but maybe this year is the perfect time to try it. 

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Lasting for more one season 

One of the main reason to try the trend this year is that it is lasting for more than one season. From spring to fall fashion will feature some lovely embroidered pieces.  This enables you to transition the look from one season to another. Like the look above can be worn in spring and summer. 

It looks expensive but is affordable

A simple t-shirt that has embroidery on it make it look more sophisticated. Embroidered pieces add a touch of flare to a look without requiring you to spend a lot of money.   You can easily find beautiful creations in stores like this maxi dress from Target for example that are under $100.  

Is a chic statement piece

Beautiful embroidered fashion looks lovely with staple items like a simple t- shirt or denim jacket. Adding a statement piece with your basics makes the look elegant instead of plain. 

Lovely Fashion 

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