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Wearing Big Prints

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Plus size woman are supposedly not able to wear certain things. One of them being large prints. The reason for this is because it is supposed to make a woman like me look big or bigger. But that is not always true. One way to find out is to just play with the prints. These are some of the tips that may help you figure out what is right for you.

Size of Print 

I thought I could not wear large prints but I realized that I could wear large and of course small prints. It all depends on the color. This dress is easy to wear because of the fact it has black and white in it. Neutrals have a tendency to make you look smaller. The touch of color is enough that it does not look so busy.  Just make sure the pattern is pleasing to your shape.

All Over 

Does the pattern blend in or is it all over? That is one of the questions you have to consider when picking a print out. If you can see the background then make sure it looks good on you. If you look better in a fitted outfit than chose a print item in that shape. Also, keep in mind to choose colors that look good with your complexion or that you just love!

Geometric and Floral 

Flowy items look better with floral prints because it looks romantic and just simply lovely. But a structured item is best for a more geometric shape.

Bright or More Subtitle Colors

You can wear neon colors or a simple black and white. It depends on your taste, the event you are going to, or just how you feel. On a cloudy like today, I was more in the mood for darker colors. But maybe one day I try a bolder color like yellow!

Do what feels best for you!

Choose what looks good on you and what you feel comfortable with. 
Don't go for what the experts say because really they don't know you. 
They don't know what you love! 
So do what is best for you! 

Do you break fashion rules?

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