Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Fourth of July Shopping Haul

I knew there were two places I wanted to go early in the morning to shop on Fourth of July. Target and Marshalls. I knew I could find something for that I actually wanted for a good price. I wanted things were actually on sale. I also figure that it would not be as crowded as the mall. I really did not want to deal with a lot of crowds or lines.


I went to Marshalls first to see if I can find some hair care products and accessories. I ended up going the hair care section because I know I could find what I wanted. I wanted Shea Moisture products.

Shea Moisture Products 

I decided to buy Shea Moisture Smooth and Repair Conditioning Shampoo because  I go through conditioner so quickly. Plus it has shampoo in it and I need something that cleans and conditions. This product also deals with frizz which is a problem I have in summer. 

And this is the price of the Smooth and Repair Conditioning Shampoo. It costs  $5.99 compared to most places was it priced at $9.99. 


I bought sunglasses because I broke my last pair. I found these American Eagle Outfitters sunnies

The price is only $4.99. 

I did not intend on buying this book I always wanted a Kate Spade agenda book. 


Target is a great place to buy find inexpensive yet cute outfits. I knew I wanted a skirt so I went straight to the section. It was a Merona button down black and white midi skirt.  And this is the first item I found in my size I liked. It was not on sale though.

Merona Button Down Skirt, HereAlso available in Navy 

It was full price. 

But I love the length but I was not really sold on it yet. 

It cost $22.99 

And then I saw this skirt! 

The first Ava and Viv skirt I tried on was too big! But I still loved how it looked. It was more flattering to me compared to the first skirt. It also only cost $8.38. 

I feel like this skirt goes better on me. I also like it goes with what I already own. Plus I don't have to worry about buttons or losing them. A Mossimo tank top is what I also got and it cost $4.48.

Did you buy anything from the Fourth of July sales?

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