Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Two Beauty Products You Should Try

I actually saw on Twitter how Refinery 29 was giving away a bag in honor of the new season of a show called younger. Now mind you I never ever watched the show before. But I was still curious to see what was in the bag. I also loved the fact that in honor of getting the bag that a donation of $10 if I binge watch it. So for a good cause, I filled out the form. A few weeks later it came! 

The bag included a mug (which was broken), popcorn, nail polish, a perfume sample, and a beauty mask.  I am only going to talk about the mask and perfume sample. 

These items were gifted to me! 

Trying New Beauty Products

Face Products

I had heard about these two beauty products so I was glad it was in the bag! 

Odeme Nail Polish 

Fall Nail Polish

I was excited to try the nail polish. Even though I really did wear dark nail polish because I feel like it is not right for my complexion. 

New Nail Polish

First of all the packaging is cute! I love how the box looks like a pretty book that you would see in a library or on someone's book collection.

But when I tried this polish I loved how it looked on my skin.  The nail polish also dries quickly which is a plus because who wants wait a long time for it to dry. It also lasted longer than most of the nail polishes I tried. 

It lasted four days because it started chipping. I also loved how shiny it looked. 

Skin Soothing Mask 

Tonymoly I'm Real Mask

I have never tried a mask sheet or even heard about TonyMoly before but I always thought it would be interesting to try. It only takes few steps to do. Wash your face first, take the mask out, and put it on your face for 20-30 minutes. The mask felt weird to put on my face but after I got comfortable wearing it actually felt good to my skin. I love how the product has rosemary, thyme, lemon, and jasmine. These products may be the reason why this mask is considered an anti-inflammatory agent.  

One thing I noticed is that you really can take to much with it on because you don't want it to tear or fall off.  When I took it off I noticed how my skin looked brighter and smoother. It felt soft to the touch, so I really recommend trying this mask. The I'm Real Mask has many other masks to try. I would mind trying the rice mask,  red wine mask, or the aloe mask. I will try these products again because they are affordable. The Odem  nail polish costs around $12 and the Tonymoly mask costs around $5. 

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