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What to Wear to a Museum

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While I vacation I decided I would see one of the sites. So my sister took me and my family to the Airborne & Special Operations Museum. This museum gives honor to those who served in the United States Airborne and Special Forces. 

I decided to take pictures outdoors because the museum does not allow people to take photos indoors to the flash on cameras can destroy the artifacts on display. I wish I could show you some of the exhibits because it was quite interesting. One of the most fascinating exhibits was the one on the Triple Nickels. 

They were a black Parachute Infantry Battalion. It was an entire infantry that composed of all black soldiers and officers. This was when troops were segregated during the 1940s. It is hard to believe that troops were segregated but they were. There were many other exhibits that were interesting. 

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Dressing Comfortably 

Since I knew that there would be so much to see at the museum. I knew I had to dress casually so I would not have not to be worrying being how I look. I also wanted to comfortable especially when it came to walking. I did not want to spoil anyone else's time by not be able to complete the tour. That is why I recommend dressing comfortably when touring a museum or historic site.

Wearing comfortable shoes rather sneakers or flats. If the tour you going on is outside it would be best to wear closed toe shoes. I am saying this from the experience of being a historic guide. You don't want to wear flip flop on a tour that lasts for two hours because you probably are going to have to sit down and miss most of the tour.

One of the monuments outside of the museum. 

Bring the Right Bag 

I did not want to bring my favorite shoulder bag. I knew I could not stand walking around with that on for around two hours. So I choose a small shoulder bag. Perfect enough to carry on your shoulder and the right size for some small souvenirs. A crossbody bag or small pack back would be perfect.

Wear Some Sleeves 

Even though it was near 100 degrees I knew it would be colder inside the museum. It always is the case to have something to cold. So wearing sleeves would be perfect to get adjusted to the temperature changes.

Don't forget sunnies especially if you take pics outside? 

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