Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Why I Chose to Support Other Bloggers

A woman that can compliment others instead of tearing them down is a strong woman.

Why I Chose to Support Other Bloggers 

When I quit blogging one of the things I discussed is how I felt about other bloggers doing better than me. It really did make feel insecure when I saw others reaching their goals when my blog was just stagnant. But I also felt bad about supporting others but not really get any support back. Well, that same old nasty feeling came back again last week.

After commenting, liking, and retweeting others posts, I actually thought I would get some type of thank you or have it done in return (some did say thank you). I felt last week that I would have comments flooding in after commenting on at least forty blogs (maybe more I don't know).  I actually thought I get just as many comments. I was very disappointed at only to see about three to five on each blog post. I could not believe that after giving all of this support to others that I really did not see them doing the same.

A had an inner dialogue about being "tired of being taken advantage" and all of this other negative talk. Because in the past I was used by others who simply wanted to bring up their blog following and not foster a friendship. In the beginning and sometimes even now I get followed and unfollowed in a matter of days sometimes even hours. I even had the shock of some following me back later after I get a little attention from others.That really bothered me!

 But then I realized that I was not really supporting other bloggers either if I demanded them to do the same for me. I was also throwing everybody in the same category as those "users" even if they were not guilty of doing the same thing. I came to the conclusion that my own motivations at that time were not 100% pure because I wanted other bloggers to support or like my blog in return for my likes and praise.But I realize I cannot force anyone to like me or my blog even if I treated them with nothing but respect. Even if they may never come on my blog and comment I will still support their blog because I simply like what they are doing.

Secure People Can Compliment Others 

I then came to the realization that instead of worrying about someone not returning the favor, that I would foster community over competition. I now refuse to be competitive against another blogger because it often breeds negativity and sometimes stagnates growth. I want to grow as a person and as a blogger.

I also don't want to be so insecure that I cannot encourage another in their success or be happy for them. Liking or appreciating someone else's work is not weak but shows that a person is secure in themselves to compliment or praise someone's efforts.  Me liking or reposting someone's work that I admire is not hurting me or causing me to lose anything despite what people may believe.  It in no turns takes away from my blog or social media.

Judging Others Prevents You from Being Kind 

I also will not judge them for not replying to comments I make. I don't know what is in their heart or mind, so I can't really judge their motives. They may have forgotten to comment or just did not have time. I know that sometimes I do forget whether if I commented on someone's post and have been guilty of commenting twice or sometimes not at all. It does not mean I did not love the outfits I saw, their pictures, or their writing but that sometimes I don't have time to reply back to everyone. So I can now see why others may not respond back or reciprocate. But even if others don't, it is not going to stop me from appreciating their work or for being kind.

Being kind is not being weak! 

Community Over Competition 

 I want to foster a community where women can support others genuinely for their accomplishments. Because we all in the same boat as being bloggers and we all know the hardships and joys of blogging. Since we share this bond, why not encourage others. And it first starts with me cheering others on regardless if they ever do the same! If you want foster #communityovercompetition then reply to this post with ways you like to cheer on other female bloggers.

Ps.  I have found an excellent post to give you some ideas about supporting other bloggers: 
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