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9 Ways to Create Your Fall Wardrobe

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Even though it is still summer I am already thinking about creating my fall wardrobe. I do like to plan ahead especially when it comes to fashion.I even like to wear some of the fall looks I created now. Despite the warm weather it still has not stopped me from creating some of my favorite fall looks. I created these outfits from getting tons of inspiration from looking online or seeing what people are wearing. I even started shopping my closet for some items. I even mixed my summer items with my fall items (see this post)! I know it may seem too soon to some to start doing this but this is the best time to get things ready for fall.

Looking at Pinterest

I looked at a few ideas on what to wear for fall this year. I found a lot of new trends to try. I also found inspiration for this look that I am posting today. I wanted to find a new way to style this maxi dress that I have been having for two years. I usually wear it with a black cardigan but I got tired of wearing it the same way each time. If you get tired of wearing the same thing over and over again you can probably find new ways to style your favorite pieces on Pinterest too!

Looking at Fashionista you Love 

Believe or not I get a lot of my fashion tips and inspiration from fashionable women I know and love. I don't mean the famous women we see online or on tv. I mean the ones in my family, church, and community. I get a lot of ideas from these women because I know and trust their judgment. I also can outright out ask them where they got their outfit from! lol So start looking for your fall inspiration from the women you know and admire personally too! 

Checking out Magazines 

August is the month when magazines start displaying fall looks and trends. You can either buy them or get them from the library. Write down what looks you would like to recreate or even take a pic of it with your cell phone. Doing this would help you to figure out what you would like to wear or even buy.

Ask Your Self Some Questions 

Ask yourself how do you want to look? Also, think about if any changes have happened in your life. Have you gain weight or lost weight? Are there any life changes that happen like a new career? These things help you decide what you need or want.

Making a List

Some people hate making a list but sometimes you might need to! Especially if you want to focus on what to buy. This will hopefully keep you from buying too much! 

Shopping Your Closet

After you make a list of what you like then look and see what you have in your closet. You might already have what you desire to wear in your closet. Because you don't want to buy something you already have. I have done that before and it was not a good feeling!

Looking for Accessories 

Look at what accessories you have in your closet rather it is jewelry, bags, shoes, scarves, and hats What condition is it in? Is it out of style or do you just don't like it anymore?  Throw out what you want to give up.

Out with the Old

I know that sometimes we like to hold on to things. But sometimes you need let them go! For example, do you have a dress in your closet you have not worn for years but just kept it for a sentimental reason? It may be time to get rid of it especially if you can't wear it or it is not in good condition anymore.

In with the New

The new season means new trends! So look for what trends you like especially if you want to add color to your closet. Pantone Fall Color Trends can help you figure out which fall color is right for you.

These are just a few tips to help you get started building your fall wardrobe. There are other ways and articles to help you figure out what you want for this fall. This article from Vogue as some great ideas on what to add to your closet. But always keep in mind to dress how you feel and be confident with what you choose to wear.

What tips do use to create your wardrobe?


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