Sunday, August 27, 2017

Lessons You can Learn From a No Buy Challenge

What I am Wearing 

Sleeveless Green Dress Similar
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I have been hearing about no buying challenge a lot recently online. But I have never declared one.  I have done no buys but it was my reality not so much a volunteer effort. But in July after my shopping spree of clothing and beauty products, I decided to declare one for the month of August and September. I decided I had enough clothing and beauty products to last me a while. My no buy is on accessories, clothing, and beauty products. It has not been a bad experience so far and I saved money. The whole purpose of my no buy is to save money. Even though was my intention,  I also experienced more advantages from not shopping on things I don't need.


You learn to appreciate what you have 

One benefit is that I came to appreciate what I did own. I appreciated the clothes I had and started to take better care of them because I knew I was not going to buy anything new. I also wear items more often such as this t shirt. I really don't have anything in my dresser or closet that has not been worn in over a year, have not worn at all, or don't intend to wear soon.

You learn how to organize 

I became more organized. I had to evaluate what I have. In order to do that I had to organize my clothing. I also had to toss other items out that were no longer wearable. I gave away things I could no longer wear such as things that did not fit (too tight or too short). I also throw items that were worn, thread worn, or missing buttons. This allowed me to see what I was working with and to organize all of the stuff I did have. Now everything is clutter free which allows me to see what I have been working with.

You learn to be creative 

I realized I had a lot of clothing that I could wear many different ways like this dress. I usually wear it with a cardigan or blazer. But since I am using what I got I have been more creative. I now know that I pull off wearing it has a skirt. I can't wait to style this wrap dress another way.

You learn to budget 

I have created a budget and I have stuck with it so far. I had to look at things I could cut out of first. Which in turn was what I would have spent on clothing and hair care products. That was where most of my unnecessary spending occurred.  I also developed a budget to ensure that I would be able to have money to place in my savings and to invest. I also started a plan to pay off any debt. I also made sure that all of my bills are being paid on time. These habits are what I will continue to use even when I do not do a no buy. I think if you learn great habits like these then it will make it worth well even when the no buy is over with.

Have you ever done a no shopping challenge? 

What lessons have you learned from your challenge? 

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