Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Modcloth Tunic Top and 30 Facts about Me

I got this top around the Fourth of July when Modcloth was having free shipping! I hate to pay for shipping so I thought this would be the perfect time to get something. I  also bought this top because it was on clearance and I wanted something colorful to add to my closet. I however never bought a tunic before and did not know what size to get. 

A Crush on Casual Tunic: Here (On sale!) 
Catos Fashion Denim Skirt: Similar 
H&M Small Shoulder Bag: Similar 
Kendra Scott Bracelet: Similar  
Gold Wedges: Similar

With that being said the tunic is a little too big on me but I kept it anyway because all I have to do is sew it up on the sides. I also kept it because I  love how comfortable it feels. You probably have kept an item just based on the fact it was so comfortable too! This top was also a nice addition to my casual wardrobe which needs updating! I also knew this tunic would look perfect with my pencil skirts. Flowly tops always look good with a more narrow skirt. Well, enough about the top let's get to the important stuff! 

Facts about Me 

I have been blogging for years but I still think most readers and followers don't know much about me. So I thought this post would be great for people to get to know the person behind the blog. 

Personal Facts 

1. I am a native of North Carolina. 

2.I wear glasses. I started wearing them in a 6th grade (Talk about brutal teasing but I got over it!)

3. I am around 5 ft 6 inches. 

4. I am an introvert and no I am not timid or shy! 

5. I have big brown eyes that are very expressive. 

6. I have natural hair. I use to relax it until I finished college. I guess I got tired of relaxing my hair which has been going on since I was an elementary school. 

My Faves 

7. My favorite meal is nachos! I make them probably once a month, sometimes two times. 

8. I have a fondness for butterflies and I loved them so much as a teen that my room had butterflies on the wall.

9. I love period films and books. Right now I am looking forward to Poldark coming back on PBS! 

10. You probably already know this that I love pink but as a child I hated it. I thought pink was too girly and I was a tomboy. But my mother preferred me in pink and I eventually came to the realization that pink was my color! 

11. I am a cat person! Please don't judge me! I just happened to inherit the love of cats from my grandmother. 

12. I love Nancy Drew mysteries and games which to some may find dorky but I love what I love!

13. And since I love Nancy Drew it goes with out saying that I love mysteries.

14. I love watching cartoons because I guess it brings back fond memories and keeps my inner child alive!


15. This may sound weird but I hate eggs! I have tried them but for some reason, I just can't eat them. I even hate the smell of them.

16. I hate drinking coffee but I love the smell of it! Strange right. 

17. I hate being late. I don't know why but it bothers me. I guess I feel like that it is a poor reflection on my character. 

18. I don't like suits. Either they are too big, too small, or too tight. I also feel like they make me feel old. 

Random Facts 

19. I did not get my license until I was 23 years old. No I am not a bad driver I just was not ready yet!

20. I have two Bachelor's degree and I am working on my third. 

21. Even though I am right handed I still use my left hand quite often like when playing the guitar.

22. I don't have my ears pierced. 

23.I have a fondness for glitter! 

24. I have a talent for playing volleyball but I never played on a team. 

25. I took the two pics above at waiting room of the Doctor's office. I was bored! 

26.My favorite singer is Jonathan Mcreynolds. I am waiting for him to drop his next album. 

27. I have a weird talent of being able to pick up things with my toes. (And no I will not  post a video of it lol!)

28. I have never tried eating sushi. 

29. I have never been out of the country. 

30. I love classic cars and I even have a calendar featuring classic cars.

Tell me a few facts about yourself in the comments! 

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