Thursday, August 10, 2017

This or That: Great Basics Part One

This or That: Great Basics

Guess which of these loafers is the steal! 

Guess Guess

 Had you ever wanted a piece that you gravitate too? Something that looks great with almost everything you own. An item that you know is your favorite thing to wear.  Something that never goes out of style. Then what you want are great basics!

What makes them great essentials is that they look fab but yet is not considered to be trendy or over the top. These items you can keep in your wardrobe for years without wondering if it is out of style. They are timeless and perfect in almost any season! The items I am featuring today are those great staples that you would love to wear.

Since it is a This or That post you have to guess which of these excellent basics are a steal or splurge. A steal is a less expensive item and a splurge is expensive. I actually bet that some of these items you can't tell the difference!

This or That: Moto Jacket

I am not a huge fan of bulky coats but I love a good jacket. Something that not only completes your look but is great for cooler temperatures. A moto jacket is one my favorites because it can easily be worn in the day or night.

Find the steal! 

This or That: Tote Bags

A tote can carry all of the things you need. You never have to worry about leaving something at home because it does not fit in your bag.

Picked the splurge! 

Guess Guess 

This or That: Western Boots

Ankle boots for some are worn all year long. The reason is that this boot can be styled so many ways. Wear it with your denim or even your dresses.

Guess which is the splurge. 

Guess   Guess 

This or That: Pleated Skirt

If you have been following this blog you know that I love a pleated skirt. I dress it up sometimes for when I go to a special event. And other times  I wear my pleated skirt with a t-shirt and sneakers for casual events.

Pick the steal! 

Guess    Guess 

This or That: Pointed Toe Flats

Invest in a great pair of flats or loafers that are comfortable yet cute!

Which is the splurge?

Guess Guess 

All of these essentials are perfect investments for any woman's closet. But just in case you don't want to spend too much money the steals featured today are great options to buy. The steals are also perfect just in case the splurges are no longer in stock or available in your size.

What basics would you like to have featured in part two!


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