Sunday, August 20, 2017

When to keep an item in your closet

What I am wearing 

White Cascade Cardigan: Similar
Peasant Top: Similar
Catos Fashion Fuschia Embroidered Skirt: Similar
H&M Bracelet: Here
Metallic Clutch: Similar
Gold Wedges: Similar

There were was a time I was considering getting rid of this skirt! I know it sounds crazy to get rid of such a pretty skirt. But I only have worn it about five times since I bought it over six years ago! I did not really know how to style it, so I let it sit in my closet. But I finally decided to wear it this year. I love how it looked and felt that I needed to keep this maxi skirt! If you have something in your closet that still looks good you may not have to toss it out!  I have a few tips to prevent you from missing out on a great item in your closet that you have not worn in a while.

Sometimes you may need to get rid of an item but in this case, I kept my skirt. One reason why I kept was that there were no holes. There also no stains in it. If an item is beyond repair or you don't want to repair those items, they need to be tossed out. But if it is an excellent condition or can be repaired you may be able to keep it.

Does it fit you?

Is it too big or too small? This item still fit so I knew it was a possibility that I could keep it.

Will you wear it soon?

When I first found this boho skirt I wore it that very same day. If you have no intention of wearing an item in a week it may be time for you to let it go. But if you do wear it soon after cleaning your closet,  it shows that the item fits into your life or that you have items to wear with it.

Is it too dressy?

There are some items you will not wear every day. Like a ball gown or some formal wear. But something basic like this skirt can be worn with a nice t- shirt which is what I have done the first time. Keep item you can wear to various occasions and or seasons.

Will your wear again soon?

I wear this skirt twice this year. That it is because something I like, something that is styled easily, and something that is still in style. If you don't like it or find it difficult to style it is time to get rid of it.

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