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7 Ways to Embrace Fall

Outfit to Wear 

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I have been really busy lately due to the fact I am going back to school. So I have not had time to really do a lot of things that I use to like creating more blog posts, watching old reunions, and reading just for fun. But I am enjoying the classes and learning a lot of new information. In the end of talking these classes, I know that I would be glad I did go back to school.

I am also happy to know that it is fall. It is my favorite season of the year, so I  am pretty excited that it is here. But it really does not feel like it because it is still hot! That is an often issue if you live in the South or any other place that has humid weather. But I am still glad that is fall though I can't wait to start doing fall activities whenever I get a break from school. So I came up with a list of fall activities you can do even in warm weather.

Wearing fall colors 

Since it is still warm I decided to bring a little bit of fall into my fashion through color.Doing this will make your looks appropriate for fall and warm weather.

Wearing thinly knit items 

It is supposed to be fall which means sweater weather! But what do you do when it feels like summer? Wear thin knits instead! Something short sleeved or quarter length.

Fall Beauty Products 

A new season means new beauty products to try. This is what I am really looking forward to once I finish my no buy challenge because I know it will really seem like fall when I put these items on. These are some new items I think really be perfect to try this season.


Decorating your house 

When it really does not feel like fall then you have to make it least look like the season. Start bringing out your favorite autumn decor to make the season more festive.  I actually started in summer but hey I could not wait!

Fall Decor

Watching fall theme movies 

A perfect way to put in the mood for fall is watching some of your favorite fall movies or shows. They will help you feel like it finally falls.  The movies that I love to are:  It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, Step Mom, You Got Mail, and basically any movie on Hallmark this fall.

Reading fall themed books 

Fall is a great time to curl and read a good book even if you are not putting on a blanket lounging by a roaring fire. There are so many choices you find that have fall themes or books that are just popular in this season that will make it feel more like fall. These are some of my favorites:  North Hanger Abbey, Anne of Greene Gables, Agnes  Gray, Hound of Baskervilles,
Jane Eyre

It Fall Flavored Treats 

I really into baking in fall but since it is still hot I really not into spending hours in the warm kitchen. So I have found some cool treats that require hours of time or is a cool treat to eat. The treats are also fall friendly.

Here are some treats I found so far:  
Desserts: Smores, Pumpkin Cheesecake Ice cream,  Pumpkin Butterscotch Gingerbread, Samoa Pie, and Apple Cider Floats

Healthy Snacks: Skinny Pumpkin DipMore Healthy Snack Suggestions

Go to a fall carnival or festival 

Might as well enjoy the warm sunny days and go to a fall event. There are so many places in go in your hometown or take a road trip to another event. Just go out and enjoy these warm nights well they last. To find events check your local city or state website or view here: Everfest.

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