Sunday, October 1, 2017

Lessons from No Buy Challenge Part Two!

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In one of my older posts, I talked about my no-buy challenge that I did for two months. The challenged was not to buy beauty products, skin care, clothing, accessories, shoes, and hair care products. Sounds like a lot of things to cut out, right?  Well, the no buy challenge is officially over!  I learned a lot of about my self.

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 I also discovered  I can stick with something even when it is difficult. And yes, I did slip up when I bought a facial wash this month. But other than that I pretty much stuck with my challenge. When I went into this no-buy challenge, I just wanted to save money. But I also learned how to make do with what I had. I also discovered that I had a lot of fabulous clothes that I could still wear. I also found out by doing this challenge I was doing something good.

I never thought that not buying so much clothing and beauty products were considered doing something sustainable. Who would think that cutting back on buying things would be considered good for our planet?  I really did not know that giving my clothes away to family members and charity organizations was considered recycling. I also did not even think of it when others gave me clothes in return like my Nine West animal print bag. That is just something my family was taught to do and it's something that we always do for each other.

My mother and grandmother taught me not to waste anything. So when I was sorting my older clothes, I made sure that I could find something to do with them. I gave most of the clothing away but I also found a new purpose for thread worn or faded clothing. Most of my thread worn clothing has been either turned into rags for cleaning or turned them into something new. This is a process have been doing since I could remember. Who knew that being raised frugal and being taught to share could be considered environmental friendly?

Since I am a frugal person  I started thinking of ways I could actually start buying sustainable or eco brands without spending too much money. I have found some recent items that I would not mind buying. Here are a few items I found that are budget-friendly and ethical.

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The no-buy challenge is not only economical but also ethical. Sounds like a great challenge to take on, does not it? Have you taken you take apart in a no-buy challenge?

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