Saturday, November 11, 2017

Best Cold Weather Essentials

Cold Weather Essentials

Cold Weather Essentials
1. HM Double Knit Sweater  Here
2. Forever 21 Velvet Bow Beanie Here (On Sale) 
3.Steve Madden Coat Here (On Sale)
4. Kocostar Nail Therapy Here
5. Wool Blend Gloves Here (On Sale)
6. Booties Here (On Sale)
7. Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm Here (On Sale)
8.  Steve Madden Gabbie Thigh High Boots Here (On Sale)
9. Ribbed Knit Scarf Here (On Sale)
10. Babe Body Scrub Here

I cannot believe it is actually feeling like fall and there have been a few winter-like days. Like Friday and Saturday, the temperatures were below or near freezing.  I was not prepared for the colder weather one day. I could not believe how cold it was or the fact that my denim jacket was quote helping me stay warm. So I decided it was a time I got some cold weather items. These ate just a few essentials I have found online. Ps. Most of these items are actually on sale.

1. Sweaters are great for colder days especially when you can layer with your favorite shirt, vest, or jacket. 
2. This beanie is not only cute but would keep my head warm.
3.Who can say no to this stylish and cozy coat?
4.If your nails are breaking off this therapy wrap will be excellent and make those nails and hands feel softer. 
5. One thing I hate about cold weather is having cold hands but these gloves will definitely help. 
6. You can't have enough ankle boots. A good pair of ankle boots especially sturdy ones is great.

7. Not only are cold hands bad but so are dry lips. Burt Bees is a staple to have in cold weather to prevent chap lips. 

8. For those who really get cold thigh high boots would be great. 
9. Scarves are perfect for layering and this one is so lovely.
10. To prevent dry skin a body scrub would be excellent. 

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