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How to choose the best sheath dress

What I am wearing 

Catos Fashion Mustard Sheath Dress:  SimilarSimilar ,Similar
Forever 21 Tassel Necklace:  Similar
Kendra Scott: Similar
H&M Metallic Shoulder Bag (Sold out) but here is a  Similar bag
Gold Wedges Similar

When I got this dress I was reluctant to buy it because of the color but I am glad I did purchase this dress. It is a classic staple that I can wear to a fancy event or even too work. Plus there are so many ways to wear and I can wear it all year. This time of dress is a good investment for anybody. But I have a few tips to help you find the best for you, plus a little inspiration of looks you can create. 

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Choose one a length that you feel comfortable with. I like my sheath dress to be below my knee but does not mean you have to wear it that way. Choose what looks right for you!


Choose a dress that is not too tight and fits around your arm area. If it does not fit around your armpit it will look sloppy and be uncomfortable.Make sure the neckline lies flat and does not have a gap.

Choose wisely based on your body

Choose a dress that fits you based on your height or body type. Here are a few celeb examples!

Curvy or Plus size 

If you are curvy up top choose a dress with some darting or ruching. Make sure the darts line up. Avoid lightweight items.

Celeb Inspiration 

Or a dress that creates a silhouette like the dress.

(2) Pinterest

Octavia Spencer
Similar Dress


Kerry Washington Block Color

Kerry Washington 
Similar Dress

Choose one that hits around the or above to elongate your frame.

Tall and Thin 

Jessica Biel’s End-Of-Summer Uniform Is So Easy To Copy

Jessica Biel 

Pick and dress that does not make your hips too small. A peplum dress would be perfect. 

How do you style your sheath dress? 

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