Thursday, December 28, 2017

18 Things to Try in 2018

I came up with a few goals and bucket lists that I wanted to do for 2018. Some of these things I have started doing in 2017. But there are still more than I want to try for this year. I want to have a better year in 2017 and become a better person. I am doing better this year than I did the year before and I hope to experience the same thing 2018. These 18 things I want to try to not only have an excellent year but also a more productive one. 

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1. Keep a strict morning routine 

This is something I have been committed to for a while especially since I have been going back to school. I make sure that I stick to it so I can be successful in getting everything I need to be accomplished. It also helps me to maintain a schedule and learn proper habits. Since I done this I have been productive and less stressed out. 

2.Take a Day Trip 

This is something I have been planning for a while especially since I am trying to save money.  This way I am can travel see beautiful sights right in my home state. You may enjoy it even better than travel far away because you are able to save money and time. 

3.Try new cleansing oils 

This is something I have been doing since fall. It keeps my skin hydrated which is something I needed in fall and winter. It also is greasy and it is simple to do. I also learned that it allows you to easily remove makeup! If you are experiencing dry skin or need a simple way to remove makeup this oil or any oil is great. It will go great with your regular skincare routine as well. Expect to see not only face oils but body oils, and hair oils being popular this year!

4.More Inclusive Makeup 

When Rihanna introduced her makeup this year I was excited because the line is inclusive. For years I could never find the exact shade of my skin tone. I  used several different shades mixed to get the right color for me. I am looking forward to trying makeup that actually looks good on me.


I actually tried this in Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. I found it was not boring at all. This time of vacation is relaxing and time-saving. 


Self-care has gotten a bad reputation lately. Some see it has to be selfish especially since most make it seem that it is only about perfecting your outer appearance. It is more than putting on a face mask and having bubble baths. It is about having daily habits that help you to maintain a healthy and balance in your life. This will help you to able to help not only yourself but others as well. Like taking a break from social media to keep your sanity. The less time you spend on social media you may be able to 

7.Dressy Shoes 
Bettye by Bettye Muller Samantha Pearl Boots
Pearl Boots

I usually don't wear fancy shoes but I would mind trying these this year!

8.Read Classic Books 

I have read some classic books like Jane Ere and the Great Gatsby. But there are so many I have read such as A Christmas Carol. These books are classics because not only is the writing superb but it also has a lot of valuable life lessons in them.

9. Save Money 

I really don't know what the world market or economy holds but I want to save more money in 2018. I have done a few things this year to save money and I plan on doing them again this year.

10. Hold Meetings with yourself 

I also do this because I have to keep track of work, school, family, and church obligations. 
Doing this will allow you to know when deadlines do and how you can manage to complete each one.  It also helps you to stay focus and not to overschedule events.

11.Limit unnecessary screen time 

This can be heard sometime especially if you work centers around being online. But for your physical, mental, and spiritual health sometimes you just have to unplug. Find other ways to entertain yourself like reading a book or communicating face to face. You find yourself feeling a lot better when you are not attached to your devices.

12.Get involved 

I have been very frustrated with the lack of growth in the community. Politics, in general, are frustrating to me. At times it seems that my voice did not matter. So I am making my voice heard through action. Calling my representatives, voting, and attending meetings are just a few ways I plan on being a committed and very concerned citizen. This is a whole better way than just venting about things not changing.

13.Corporate more purple into my wardrobe

I have always like the color purple especially violet and lavender. But for some reason, I really don't have much of it in my wardrobe. I have probably about four purple items including the top I am wearing in the picture above. So I will embrace purple more this year especially since it is the color of the year.

14.Be more creative 

Creative is the theme of next year which is seen in the color of the years that was chosen. That is why it is time to embrace your creative side. Rather it is drawing, painting, inventing, or whatever talent you have it is time to use it. Not only use it for means to make money but also as an outlet to de-stress.

15.Clean Products 

Simple Water Wash Boost 

I try to use natural products but I do come across some clean products as well. Some clean products do not necessarily have natural items in it but they are clean. Some are hypoallergic, others, do not have toxin ingredients in it. This Simple micellar product is hyperallergic and does not have artificial colors or fragrances in it. This item is harsh on my skin and is helping with my acne breakouts.

16. Reflect on the accomplishments you made

I never seem to reflect back on the accomplishments I made. I usually look for new goals and ways to improve myself. So in 2018, I am going to reflect on the accomplishments I made this year like getting accepted to school this year and making all A's in my course!


Journaling has helped me to express myself in ways I probably would not be able to do. I also find it to be calming and soothing. Journaling also can be used a reflection to realize all the things you have accomplished or overcome. 

18.Be You

Being yourself is important and vital for your health. It is difficult sometimes to be yourself especially when others are trying to make you into someone else. Learn to embrace your physical imperfections and work on being a better you.  In order for this to happen, you must stop having the negative self-talk and accept negative labels. Once you do this you will start to embrace yourself flaws and all!

What do you want to try in 2018?

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