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Modest Monday: Tips for Styling your Cardigans

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For some cardigans are just something to layer over a top or camisole. Others feel it is something old-fashioned or nerdy about it. But for me, it is an essential that I can wear in winter or any season. They come in different styles, colors,  and materials. That is why I am not afraid to spend a little bit more money to find a cardigan in my size, especially since I am plus sized. With being said some cardigans work best for certain body types. Others look better with certain pieces. So we are going to discuss different types of cardigans and how to style them for you.

Tips for Styling Your Cardigans 

1. Chunky Knit or Ribbed Knit Sweater-

I got this sweater for TJMaxx and paid a little over $19.99 (plus tax) for it! What I love about this sweater is the fact it is a ribbed knit. I really don't have to worry about it peeling or getting a hole in it like thinner cardigans. This one also stuck out to me because it was thick enough for me to wear it without a coat on warmer days. I hate wearing coats so a chunky knit will be a winner for me!

As far as styling this sweater I decided to wear it with a knee length skirt. I felt a maxi would be too much with such a heavy top look. I also recommend wearing a chunky knit with a thinner top, like this ruffle top from Target. Or with a thin t-shirt like this look.

Mr. Rogers Cardigans Are Back

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SimilarKnit Cardigan

2. Cropped Button-up Cardigan- 

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Similar: Navy Cardigan

These are another staple of mine.  These cardigans hit at or above the waist. I usually wear my cropped button up cardigan with a fit and flare dress. The reason is that it gives me of a defined waist. When wearing them with tops avoid wearing cropped cardigans with a long tee shirt, The reason for this is because it will not look very polish.

3. Duster 

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Source: Who What Wear

Longline cardigans are trending for this year. The reason is that they are the most versatile cardigans. They can be worn with jeans, leggings, A-line skirts, and A-line dresses, and the knee length dresses.


I hope this has helped you to figure how to style your favorite cardigans. Just simply wear what looks good on your body and what gives you confidence. That way you will feel comfortable wearing your favorite cozy cardigan. In the comment section share some of your favorite styling tips or favorite cardigans. Also, don't forget to pin this blog post or the looks included to your fashion boards, to give you some inspiration in how to style your cardigan.

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